Sheets are single layers of polyethylene film which are used for a wide variety of uses such as tray liners, interleaving other products (e.g rubber, steel or textiles), top covers, car boot liners for garden centres etc.

Sheets are generally rectangular, but may be cut to any shape (if the quantity is sufficient to justify buying the cutting tool). Sheets are normally loose (the cheapest form) or perforated on a reel for tearing off. Sheets for use in the food industry should be blue or blue tinted and made from ‘virgin’ material.

Our sheets are available in almost any size up to about 5 metres square, and in HDPE, LDPE and most other materials. They also may be printed (on one side only). Minimum economic quantities of non-standard sizes, colours or gauges may be quite high, because of the need to extrude the film specially.

See film on the reel for information about available type, colour, gauge etc.