Film on ReelFilm On Reel

  1. High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
  2. Medium Density Polyethylene (MDPE)
  3. Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE)
  4. Blends of the above with Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE)
  5. Polypropylene (OPP)
  6. Mettalised (CPP)
  7. Mettalised  (OPP)
  1. EVA
  2. Anti-stat
  3. Anti-block
  4. High-slip
  5. Photodegradable
  6. Biodegradable
  7. Flame-retardant
  8. Fragrance (‘Lemon Zest’ or ‘Baby Powder’)
  9. Anti-bacterial

We have a range of approximately 20 different colours.macbeth-card


Standard range is 250-1500mm – for sizes outside these, please enquire.

  1. Lay flat tubing
  2. Centre fold sheeting
  3. ‘J’ fold sheeting
  4. Single wound sheeting
  5. Double wound sheeting
  6. Gussetted lay flat tubing
  7. Special slitting
Gauges Available

Depending on material, we can supply a range of different gauge materials from 10-125mm (40-500g)


The quantity depends on size/material/colour but the minimum order is normally 250Kg

Reel Size

Normally reels weigh 50-500kg.  Smaller reels may be available subject to surcharge.

Other Options
  1. Corona discharge treated (for print) full or strip
  2. Micro-perforated
  3. Printed – in line (1 colour only) or off line (up to 4 colours)
  4. Embossed – limited range only
  5. Edge trimming
  6. Recycled
  7. Food grade
SWD Films Range
Film Type/Range Properties and Uses
SWD CPP100 Clear Packaging Film High gloss and clarity bag making coex for Bread – Confectionery – fresh produce – magazines – textile and general packaging. COF Less than 0.20. Gauge range 25-70mu. Food Approved
SWD CPP300  OXY Degradeable  High gloss and clarity for all uses in bag making. Oxy degradeable film for use in food and general packaging.
SWD CPPLT400  VFFS/HFFS  VFFS film particularly for fresh produce packaging. High slip 40-77mu. Low Temperature Seal (LTS) for high speed packaging. LTS initiation temp 90-100 degrees Centigrade.
SWD CPPM600  Metallised CPP  Metallised CPP film for bag makiing or lamination. 28-70mu. COF>0.5. Other uses: magazine packaging and general packaging. Used for insulation and protection from water and oxygen. Optical density range 2.0-2.5. High barrier to water and oxygen.
SWD OPP650 Metallised OPP  Metallised OPP for bag making. VFFS/HFFS lamination 15-50mu. Optical density range 2.0-2.5. High barrier to water and oxygen. Seal range 107-140ºC on one side.
SWD OPP700  OPP (GND) Clear  Coex OPP film suitable for VFFS and HFFS. Food approved. High gloss and clarity. Seal Tem range 107-140ºC. Sealable on both sides. Gauge range 15-50mu.
SWD OPP800 OXYDegradeable  High gloss and clarity for all uses in bag making. Oxy degradeable film for use in food and general packaging. Specially designed with both sides heat sealable for use on HFFS and VFFS machines.