Carrier bags are available in many different forms, all of which fall into one of these groups:

Carrier bags
Standard: (Handles punched into body of bag)


Handles: (Handles are fixed as an extra item to the bag, such as ‘loop’ handles and ‘drawstring’ bags)


With each group, there are many different variations – choice of which type is appropriate will depend on the following factors:

(1) Application – in particular, what type and size of goods and of what weight is the carrier intended to carry.

(2) Cost – if price is the most important factor, then the simplest, thinnest carriers capable of doing the job would be chosen.

(3) Appearance – where the look of the bag is important, to reinforce the retailer’s image or for advertising purposes.

Printed carrier bags are an effective and cheap form of advertising and can show the pride a retailer has in his/her own business.

It is inconceivable that any major retailer would use unprinted bags, despite the fact they are much cheaper.